This Is >> Quiberon

>> Ocean, rocks & beautiful waves - this is Quiberon


>> Quiberon is a peninsula in the Atlantic Ocean in France with the surfspots all on the west coast. The Côte Sauvage has rough cliffs and rocks which build a beautiful scene, especially at sunrise. For surfing I can recommend the Port Blanc, Port Rhu and Port Bara which are small bays lined up next to each other. At low tide, you can take a beautiful walk along the coast, from one port to another - but keep an eye on the water. It is rising quickly so that at high tide, the water is about 6m higher and the bays are separated from each other. 


The surf here is very nice. Not too regular waves of about 0.5 - 1m and clean fresh water. At Port Rhu, the waves break very nice and long to the right so this is great for improving your technique or trying out new things. The current is not very strong, so as long as you fix a point on the beach and watch out that you don´t slowly drift away while having a chat in the water, you barely feel that there is any current at all.


When the waves are getting too big, you can drive up north to Ponthièvre, where the waves are normally smaller. However, this is a popular spot for surf schools, so it might get a little crowded.


Besides all the surfing, don´t miss out on a hike along the coast to enjoy the view.


The roughness of the Bretagne at the front of the ocean took my breath away - both on land and in the water <<


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    Lara (Saturday, 17 August 2013 02:43)

    Sounds like a really nice spot, i will check it out soon.