This Is >> Munich Airport Surf & Style powered by Lufthansa

>> Chilled atmosphere, great music & surf in the city

>> Everybody in Munich knows about the Eisbach and the man-made wave there. And everybody tells you stories of injured people and an unbelievable current. Of course, I did not really believe it but when I went there to take a look myself, it all did not seem that far-fetched anymore.


> But then I heard about this: Lufthansa is building a pool where you can surf. In the middle of the Airport. Free for everybody. And free meaning in this case both free for every level of surf proficiency as well as that it doesn´t cost you anything at all - no entrance fee, no lending fee for the equipment. They just give it to you.


So here´s how it works: Every day from 3 - 8 pm is divided into 45min slots, each for about 10 people to surf. Then people line up next to it on both sides and take turns surfing. 


About the surf - river surfing is a completely different world then surfing in the ocean. You don´t paddle at all and you don´t do a take off. You just put your board in the water, push yourself to almost the lowest point of the wave and then keep steady or go for a turn to the other side of the pool. Or if you´re more experienced, you just jump into the pool while putting your board under your feet and go crazy.

What makes it so different from surfing as I am used to is that you have to put a lot of weight in the back, especially when you feel you´re loosing the wave and it pushes you up and to the back, pressing the nose is going to have the counter effect of what you want. Another thing is that if you´re used to surfing in the ocean, your movements are likely to be too quick and too strong. In the ocean, once you get a wave you normally don´t lose it again - but not so on a standing wave. You have to shift your weight all the time, especially when you´re not going straight, to make sure the wave doesn´t spit you out to the back.

As for everything, you have to walk before you run.


And that´s why it is great that they help you if you want. You can either go to one of the two slots in the day where they offer surfing with a pole which you can grab to keep you on the right spot. If you feel you can do without that pole but are still unexperienced, there is plenty of staff offering you a hand for the start and giving you good tipps on how to do what you want to do. This is what makes it a fun experience for everyone.


> So here´s how you get to be one of the 10 in a slot: Go to their website between 8 and 9 am (this is when it´s unlocked) to sign up for the day after tomorrow. Yes, the demand is huge and yes, you´ll probably have to spend some time in front of your computer clicking on the reload-button. There, you can choose a normal surf slot or one with a pole. On the website you can also find information on surfcamps they offer and a pretty nice video of the European Championship last year at Munich Airport.


> If you´re not sure whether this is really something for you - just bring a couple of friends and have a nice chill out on the tribune or in one of the beach chairs and while having a snack or smoothie, enjoy the view on the surf. 


>> All in all, it´s a great way to bring the surf to the city. I´ve had an amazing time and I will be there again tomorrow for sure. And the day after. 




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    lilie (Tuesday, 20 August 2013 00:52)

    you rock it!!!